Its rounded and flexible shape adapts, but without losing its firmness. The silicone surface caresses the skin with a silky matte finish and also has a smooth ribbed structure on the underside of the bulky head. If you position the toy on top, surrounding the penis and testicles, so that the tilted head shows the striated part forward, it will stimulate the crown jewels and its love button. Of course, you can also rotate it forward or downward. Both ends allow you to enjoy exciting foreplay, massaging your nipples, clitoris or lips. Multifun 1 is also great for exploring the G-spot, the male perineum or the glans! As a whole, it offers more than 14 options for use, even in the bathtub, as the Multifun 1 is waterproof (IPX7). If your new partner runs out of steam, simply recharge it with the USB cable!

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